"Punch Drunk Lover"

Bang Bang Featuring Slash

This song is 4 years in the making". Big Chris was asked by Slash
(Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver) to come up with a few musical ideas while he was out promoting his upcoming solo album tour in Europe. When Slash returned, BC played some of the rock tunes he had come up with. Although Slash never used any of the ideas that BC showed him, this song,"Punch Drunk Lover" was one BC was writing at the precise moment Slash showed up at The Rehab Studio to record. "Gibson just happened to have delivered Slash a prototype to try out. "I already had the guitar plugged into the song when Slash got here. He took a seat, grabbed the guitar and literally did a 1 taker over the entire song while testing out the whammy bar vigorously . I just did a little editing and wrote lyrics to it with My brother Mike who sang it. It was a bad ass tune, but the wrong demographic. I sat on the song for 2 1/2 years, until I met Bang Bang thru a mutual friend. As soon as I heard that whitchy Ghetto, hauntilngly beautiful voice, I knew she was perfect for this record! Bang & I are currently finishing up her album which will include P.D.L."
Big Chris along with Troy Duffy (writer, director of Boondock Saints 1 & 2 ) and Blvd. Central are currently working on an epic mini movie style video for Bang Bang, created & directed by Troy.

The video/ep will be released in July 15th, 2015.

More information www.missbangbang.com


Bang Bang "Punch Drunk Lover" Video will be released by the end of June
Big Chris Flores and Slash reviewing "Punch Drunk Lover" Before the big Thunder dome scene

Miss Bang Bang's 1st single and video for "Punch Drunk Lover" featuring SLASH will be released July 15th

Presented by
The Rehab Studio & Iron Sides with BAE audio

- Days left until the premier of the PDL video